We’re Bringing Our Mission to Life: Announcing HippoCamp, a Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers

(Note: this post originally appeared at Hippocampus Magazine’s main website; reposting here since we created a dedicated conference website.)

A little note from me, Donna, founder of Hippocampus:

On August 7, at 7 p.m. we announced something that will happen one year from now: HippoCamp — A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers, scheduled for August 7-9, 2015 in Lancaster, Pa. As an avid-conference goer and frequent presenter, I’ve been patiently waiting for our fifth year — the year I marked to host our own conference, to bring the Hippocampus community together and to make new friends. An event that will bring an online magazine to life. A event where we can learn from and share with each other.

hippocamp logo lists date august 7-9 2015 lancaster pa


More details to come, but, just like a good bride and groom* would, I wanted to give an ample save-the-date so this event could at least be added to your radar. Time flies. 2015 will be here before you know it.

Learn more about the conference here. Although, not much more… there’s so much to share soon.


-Donna Talarico


*We actually eloped (just to the local JP) so this analogy is not from personal experience.