‘Face’ It: You Probably Need an Updated Photo

Each month, we collect photos and bios of our authors. Often, we receive a photo from a vacation, a family party, a selfie. Sometime they are dated, and sometimes they are grainy or itsy-bitsy after being resized and uploaded, downloaded and reformatted many times.

Don’t get me wrong: our contributors are beautiful people, and we LOVE putting faces with stories because, as an online publication, it’s how we “meet” face to face with our featured writers.

But the types and varying quality of photos we receive led me to realize that so many writers are in need of quality (as in composition, resolution, lighting, etc.) headshots. And these are good for so many purposes: to include along with bios in your published stories, to place on your blog or website, to use in media releases about your events and work, and maybe even on a jacket cover! With platform and personal branding so important these days, a crisp, clear picture of you is crucial.

For this reason, I wanted to include the opportunity for HippoCamp attendees to get a headshot during the conference. Patty O’Brien, the official conference photographer, will be handling this directly; she’ll offer sittings during the lunch and dinner breaks. If you need a new photo and have a few minutes, sign up. There is no charge for the sitting; Patty will send you a proof after the conference, and if you like it, she’ll invoice you $75 and then deliver to you your shiny new headshot!

Now that’s something to smile about.