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Creating a Writing Community: A HippoCamp 2015 Recap

[This is a guest blog post by attendee Meryl Baer.] Ernest Hemingway stated, “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” The act of writing involves the individual and the pen, paper, computer or whatever device a writer fancies. But the art of writing and producing publishable material comprises a lot more than solitary moments […]

HippoCamp 2015 Recap: Review of the Breakout Session Nonfictitious Poetry

[This is a guest blog post, or poem rather, by attendee Meryl Baer.]   Review of the Breakout Session Nonfictitious Poetry With apologies to Viannah Beret-wearing intellectuals consuming coffee, washing down wine, doing drugs voicing their poetry.   We read, we listen, We discuss, but Non-poets are Paralyzed at the thought of Writing poetry.   […]

Thoughts On an Author’s Panel — A HippoCamp 2015 Recap

[This is a guest post by attendee Meryl Baer.]   “How do you take something that happened and turn it into something that will sell?” Author D Watkins queried the audience during a panel discussion at the HippoCamp 2015 writer’s conference. Writers tend to believe their experiences could be, should be, and must be shared […]

‘Face’ It: You Probably Need an Updated Photo

Each month, we collect photos and bios of our authors. Often, we receive a photo from a vacation, a family party, a selfie. Sometime they are dated, and sometimes they are grainy or itsy-bitsy after being resized and uploaded, downloaded and reformatted many times. Don’t get me wrong: our contributors are beautiful people, and we […]

Session and Speaker Preview: Jenna McGuiggan, One-Moment Memoirs

As HippoCamp nears, we spoke with one more presenter about her upcoming appearance. If you have a “moment,” continue on to read about Jenna McGuiggan, who is presenting on short-form essays. Hippocampus: We don’t want to give too much away about your session, but please share with us a golden nugget that you hope attendees […]