Minding Your MMs and PPs: All the Obstacles that Definitely Do and Decidedly Don’t Exist (LIVE 3)

Every writer complains about “obstacles” getting in the way of the writing: so many valid reasons for not writing regularly, staying consistently productive, or making substantial progress on works-in-process. We whine about these obstacles, we try to ignore them, we invent ways to “overcome” them. But what most writers get wrong about writing “obstacles” is that, taken all together, they can provide a valuable map to a writer’s writing life; we only need to read it carefully and follow the signs.

In this session, based on two core elements of Lisa’s online class, *I Should Be Writing!* Boot Camp: Reclaim Your Writing Life, attendees will learn how to identify, classify, and sort their obstacles into two distinct categories — Practical Problems and Mental Maneuvers (TM) — and then explore how to approach each category in an entirely different and sometimes counter-intuitive way. Taken together, this can result in a major productivity boost.

The idea is to learn to spot the difference between an obstacle and an opinion, between excuses and expectations, between limits and lazy acceptance. This system might at first make you flinch, but can help transform your relationship to time, distraction, and goals, so that you can embrace the writing life you want, once had, or need. Forget what you know about traditional time management and cookie cutter writing schedules, but be ready to get real about how you spend, honor, and squander–and how well you even know—your own writing life. There will be interactive exercises, handouts, and plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Breakout Sessions Live
Location: Salon D Date: August 8, 2015 Time: 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm lisa romeo Lisa Romeo