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kathleen fraizerKathleen Frazier is a Norman Mailer Fellow and member of The Actors Studio. Her essay on sleepwalking in Psychology Today led to an agent and publishing deal for her intimate memoir and first book, Sleepwalker: The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Somnambulist (Skyhorse, Sept. 2015). Frazier is also an accomplished actress, member of Artists Without Walls, and Irish American Writers and Artists. She performs her work regularly at a number of venues and salons in Manhattan, including The Cell, The Cornelia Street Café and Bar Thalia.

Dr. Mark W. Mahowald, preeminent sleep specialist on parasomnias, has this to say in the foreword to Sleepwalker: “Kathleen Frazier’s powerful and beautifully written memoir successfully fills a huge void by providing helpful and valuable information on sleepwalking and sleep terrors by someone who is able to elucidate what these poorly understood phenomena are, how they are misinterpreted, and most importantly, the extent to which they may greatly affect one’s behavior and well-being… It is a book that will appeal to all—sleep being such an intimate and mysterious part of our human condition.”

Frazier lives and sleeps soundly with her family in New York City.

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