HippoCamp Survival Guide

I’ve attended a few professional conferences in my day, and what I’ve learned is that there are four different types of spaces that are integral to making my experience fun and successful with the lowest amount of stress possible. Luckily, Lancaster has all four of these “levels” in spades. Read on for a few of my favorites.

Level One: Places for contemplation or rejuvenation

I often need solitude and time for reflection during the hustle and bustle of a conference, particularly if I am sharing a room in order to cut down on costs.

  • West End Yoga (.6 miles from convention center) My favorite studio in town. Try a class on the yoga wall for something different!
  • Yoga on Orange (.4 miles) Another amazing studio, a little closer to the convention center.
  • Herbs from the Labyrinth/Radiance (.2 miles) A woman-owned business featuring therapeutic massage, reiki, yoga, organic herbs & herbal products, wearable art and fair-trade retail shop.
  • Grassy patch across from Tellus 360 (.1 mile) This is literally just a grassy spot in the middle of the city. Perfect for a picnic blanket, frisbee game, or people-watching.
  • The Demuth Museum (.2 miles) Try a little ekphrastic writing while wandering around a museum dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the art work and legacy of American modernist Charles Demuth.
  • Binns Park (.3 miles) This park as an A++ interactive water fountain that you will probably want to run through once August weather hits.
aussie and the fox lancaster courtesy aussie and the fox

Photo courtesy Aussie and the Fox

Level Two: Coffee & Tea

The writer’s lifeblood.

  • Prince Street Cafe (.2 miles from convention center) Delicious food and pretty big but often busy. Has the longest hours of all of the Lancaster coffee shops (6:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily). Try a cold-pressed rijuice!
  • The Seed (.2 miles) A collectively owned and operated vegan/vegetarian restaurant and community space. Delicious coffee, kombucha on tap, and special blend teas.
  • Tucker Box at Aussie and The Fox (.2 miles) Need coffee fast? This walk up window allows you to pop in for a coffee and pastry to take away.
  • Square One (.4 miles) Award-winning coffee, quiet, and cool.

Level Three: Places to meet with a small group

Catching up with old friends? Make some new contacts and wanna talk a little shop? You’ll probably be able to hear each other talk at these locales.

  • Rabbit and The Dragonfly (.2 miles from convention center) Cafe, used bookstore, and creative community space. Need I say more?
  • Cafe 18 (.2 miles) Cozy cafe perfect for lunch.
  • Lancaster Cupcake (.2 miles) What business meeting wouldn’t be improved by the presence of cupcakes? I mean, honestly.
  • Roburritos (.5 miles) My favorite burrito in town. Usually pretty quiet with plenty of seating.

Level Four: Drinks

The writer’s other lifeblood.

  • Aussie and The Fox (.2 miles from convention center) Fancy drinks close to the convention center.
  • Pour (.3 miles) Hip wine, cocktails, beer, and charcuterie boards.
  • Tellus 360 (.1 mile) Irish pub and music venue that is practically touching the convention center. Always something exciting going on!
  • Thistle Finch Distillery (.6 miles) A little further, but worth the walk. Tasting room and distillery. Small batch, hand crafted white rye whiskey, gin, and vodka. Also shares a space with Wacker Brewing for the beer lovers.
  • DipCo (.2 miles) A local favorite, low-key bar.
  • Taproom by Spring House Brewing Company (.1 mile) Local, craft beer.

Key: .3 miles = average 6 minute walk

Hope to see you in Lancaster this August!

P.S. I created this nifty map for you to explore my favorite spots and more.