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Hippocampus Magazine is an online publication set out to entertain, educate and engage writers and readers of creative nonfiction. HippoCamp is an in-the-flesh extension of that three-fold mission.

This three-day event will feature notable speakers, engaging sessions in three tracks, interactive panels, readings, social activities, networking opps, readings, and optional, intimate pre- and post-conference workshops. We can’t wait to tell you more — and welcome you to Lancaster, Pa., a city rich in history, arts and culture.

HippoCamp is formatted in the style of a professional, industry conference. Expect to learn a lot and return home with a notebook and brain full of ideas!

To give you a sense of what this conference is all about, a sneak preview, if you will:

— Conference center and hotel in heart of historic Lancaster
— 12-15 attendee-led break-out sessions
— 3 all-conference panel sessions
— 2 keynote speakers
— Multiple pre- and post-conference craft and query workshops
— Scores of peers and publishing professionals
— Meals and snacks

The official conference website will be updated continuously with new details.


Conference Committee Members

Conference planning made possible by a dedicated committee of on- and off-site volunteers, most of whom are also on the Hippocampus Magazine staff:

Conference Chair: Donna Talarico

Programming Committee

  • Tyler Barton
  • Cathy A. E. Bell
  • Angie Chatman
  • Erin Dorney
  • Angela L. Eckhart
  • K. Justice Fisher
  • Pamela Ramos Langley
  • Anthony J. Mohr
  • Michael Suppa

Operations/Hospitality Committee

  • Kevin Beerman
  • Jules Barreuco
  • Viannah E. Duncan
  • Angela L. Eckhart
  • Shannon Fandler
  • Carol Lavelle

Marketing Committee

  • Tyler Barton
  • Shannon Fandler
  • Kevin Finley
  • Lori M. Myers

Individual Conference Supporters

Early on, and before registrations went on sale, Donna created a personal Indiegogo campaign to help with initial support. The following individuals contributed $20 or more, and they are listed here as part of their “perk.” Many thanks to these folks, and everyone who helped out with the campaign as many did not ask for a perk and/or recognition (I labeled them “anonymous” here just because).

  • Anonymous (3) & No Perk (10)
  • Dave Cameron
  • Jonathan Coleman
  • K. Justice Fisher
  • Andrea Frantz
  • Heather Garber
  • Jeff Guindon
  • Tara Hayes
  • Jenny Hill
  • Karli Kamourogolos
  • Enrique Martinez
  • Vicki Mayk
  • Sarah Pugh
  • Farukh Shroff
  • Jackie Vetrano
  • Jason Woodward

Hippocampus Magazine also would like to express thanks to our sponsors and promotional partners.